Our Policy
Our cancellation period is 4 hours prior to your appointment.

We appreciate that sometimes things happen and appointments need to be cancelled, we just ask that you are mindful of what this means for others. A last minute cancellation leaves us no time to fill the appointment which is not only fair toward our staff but to the other ladies on the waiting list.

If you are cancelling or rescheduling your appointment less than 4 hours prior to it, for all your future appointments we would have to ask for a 30% prepayment to guarantee your spot.

When booking your appointment please specify additional services (such as nail design, hair ironing / curls, etc.) otherwise we may not be able to accommodate those on the spot.

If you are more than 15 min late to your appointment, we may not be able to accept you to avoid delays in salon's schedule. All future bookings will be subject to 30% prepayment.

General Rules
1. We are ladies only salon. If accompanied by a male, he will be asked to wait outside.
2. Smoking, vaping or alcohol is strictly forbidden in the salon. If the client is suspected to be under drug or alcohol influence she might be refused in her appointment.
3. We kindly ask all clients and staff to keep noise at a reasonably low level. We appreciate if use your headphones and avoid loud phone talks.
4. Treatment packages and gift cards are non-refundable. Unused portion cannot be cashed out, is non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
5. Services are non-refundable. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your service, we will be more than happy to fix it for you. Please do not hesitate to let our front desk or an on-site manager know of any concerns. We're here to help!

Gel Polish / Nail Extension
We provide 7-day guarantee for your gel polish manicure or nail extensions. Please let us know about any chips within 7 days, so we can arrange a fix for you.

Please DO NOT:
- peel off gel polish
- spend too much time in water
- file your nails
Please note that in case of the above, we will not be able to provide you guarantee.

Regular polish is a short-term polish that we do not guarantee due to its delicacy.